Ladies and gentlemen,

Appreciating our previous cooperation with regular guests, and also wanting to get more, we kindly inform you that we have introduced Gold Cards for Permanent Guests using our Apartments.

The Gold Card brings a lot of benefits to the owner! 😊

Definition of Homely Place Extens “Regular Customer”:
Regular Customer – an entity or a natural person purchasing apartment rentals. It is
booking paid, made directly – minimum once every two weeks (14 days), or
at the discretion of Homely Place Extens Arkadiusz Kaszycki, for own consumption. Regular customer
there are not only natural persons but also legal persons and public administration units
purchasing goods and services offered by Homely Place Extens Arkadiusz Kaszycki,

We cordially invite you to continue cooperation, and those of you who have not yet started it with us, to make it 😊

See you at the Homely Place Extens in Poznan! 😊

If your stay at our Apartments meet your expectations, we kindly invite you to play the game.

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