About us


Kamila Kaszycka

The owner of Homely Place Sp. z o.o. company. Kamila has 12 years experience in tourist trade. Her experience have been gained in Poland and abroad during her work thanks to which she discovered and deepen knowledge of hotelarity trade, in every level of working.

Kamila finished economic studies on Finance and Accounting field of study, and she participated in a lot of trainings in scope of management of company, issiues about hotelarity trade and management of property. She finished courses in scope of interpersonal and personal development.

Knowing the needs of tourist, she leads in the company with specially attitude to fulfill these needs, to make stay in Apartments fully rewarding and cope expectations for even the most demaning Guests.

In company, Kamila dealing with accounting, staff, administration, marketing, advertisement. She also take care about development and policy of company, and estabilishes lasting relationships with the contractors.

Arkadiusz Kaszycki

Ower of Homely Place Sp. z o.o. company, which has several years old experience in hotelarity trade. He has been remaining in this trade until studies time. Arkadiusz dealing with company image, marketing, advertisement, sale, developing and policy of company, standards and organizational structure of working. He dealing with market research of tourist and propertys.

Arkadiusz finished studies in Wyższa Szkoła Hotelarstwa i Gastronomii on Touristic and Recreation scope. He participated in lot of courses in scope of marketing, promotion, management of company and propertys. Arkadiusz received certicificate of „Effective Manager”.

Knowing the touristic trade in national area, and based about experience and gotten knowledge, Arkadiusz is preparing company offer and creating company image according to needs of Guest, with fully concentrate to their most important needs.

Martyna Miś

The employee of Homely Place Sp. z o.o. company, which takes up the manager position from start of company activity. Martyna has 7 years experience in hotelarity trade, which she has earned in work in every grade of organizational structure in hotelarity.

Martyna finished studies in Wyższa Szkoła Hotelarstwa i Gastronomii in Turistic and in Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa in Touristic and Recreation scope. She got distinction for previous cooperation from management of company.

Martyna is taking care about Guests needs and relations with them, she is dealing with management of reservations systems, extranets handling, training the employees, reservation handling. She is creating the Homely Place Apartments webiste and taking care about good image of company in social medias.

Wanting to ensure the highest quality of stay to Guest who using the accomodation serivices in Homely Place Apartments, she is trying to go out to all expectations, to make our Guest fully satisfied and to make them to come back to Apartments in next visit in Poznań.

Creating the Homely Place company, we are following our experience the mostly, knowing trade and welfare of our Guests, to make every of them, feeling like in home, during stay in our Apartments.